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Noordi Aqua Thermo 2in1 - Black

Noordi Aqua Thermo 2in1 - Black

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The Aqua Thermo is tailor-made for the energetic urban explorer. Its compact design is a dream for navigating the bustling city streets and cosy café corners with grace and agility. Yet, don’t let its sleek frame fool you. Powered by a robust chassis, the Aqua Thermo rises gallantly to the challenges of any uneven path, promising smooth adventures beyond the city limits.

The Aqua Thermo transitions effortlessly, championing both terrains with unmatched prowess. It’s not just a stroller; it’s your all-access pass to embrace every adventure life throws your way an epitome of versatility and strength, inviting you to explore more, together.

Experience ergonomic excellence with an adjustable raised handle for comfortable strolls, simplified hood adjustment, and newly integrated adapters for easy and secure fastening of the carrycot to the frame. It’s about enhancing the entire family experience, one thoughtful detail at a time.

What’s in the box: (Product Page Image 11)

2.Pushchair seat unit.
3.Protective Eco Leather bumper bar for the seat unit.
5.Shopping basket.
6.Cup holder.
7.Backpack pram bag.
8.Apron cover for carrycot.
9.Apron cover for pushchair seat unit.
11.Rain protection.
12.Mosquito net.


Carrycot Features:

* Compact and Foldable: Designed for easy storage without compromising on space for your little one.
* ThermoPad Technology: Offers an unparalleled sanctuary for your baby, focusing on comfort and safety.
* Optimal Temperature Maintenance: Utilizes high thermal resistance to maintain the perfect temperature, ensuring a stable microclimate that is unaffected by external heat or cold, thereby promoting your child’s well-being.
* Encourages Constant Air Circulation: Specially designed patterns on the pad facilitate airflow, fostering a dry and healthy space that inhibits bacterial and mold growth.
* High-Impact Resilience: Crafted from ultra-light materials used in safety helmets, it shields your baby from external impacts, offering robust protection without sacrificing comfort.
* Wind Protection with Peek-a-Boo Window: Allows you to keep a watchful eye on your baby while protecting them from the elements.
* Double-Zippered Carrycot Apron: Offering easy access and added protection.
* Adjustable Sun Canopy: Shields your baby from harsh sun rays while allowing for customizable coverage.
* Triple Ventilation System: Keeps the carrycot well-ventilated and comfortable.
* SILVER-IONS™ Technology: The inner cotton fabrics incorporate SILVER-IONS™ technology, promoting hygiene and comfort.
* Suitable for overnight sleeping.
* Water-resistant and UV 50+ Sun protection materials.

Seat Unit Features:

* Spacious and Comfortable: The seat unit features an adjustable backrest and footrest for tailored comfort. Fully lie-flat too.
* Flexible Seat Positioning: Easily change the seat’s position to find the perfect angle for your child.
* Compact Folding Design: Allows for hassle-free storage and portability, even on the chassis.
* Double Hood with Ventilation: Offers ample shade and airflow to keep your child comfortable.
* Magnetic Harness System: Secure your child effortlessly with the magnetic harness system.
* Height adjustable 5-point safety harness.

Chassis Features:

* Quick and Compact Folding: Ensures the chassis can be stored conveniently and swiftly.
* Adjustable Lateral Shock Absorption: For a smoother ride on varied terrains.
* Smart Amortization System: Provides a comfortable and stable ride.
* Safety-Focused Folding System: Designed with an emphasis on safety during folding and unfolding.
* Real Gel™ Wheels: Delivering puncture proof tyres with a smoother ride and enhanced durability.
* One-Click™ Brake System: Allows for instantaneous braking with a simple click.
* Eco-Leather Adjustable Handle: For a comfortable grip that aligns with your eco-conscious values.
* Lockable Front Swivel Wheels: Offering enhanced control and steering.
* Spacious Shopping Bag: Perfect for storing all your essentials and more while on the move.
* Aluminium Chassis: Combines strength and lightweight convenience for the best performance.

Additional Information

* Pram unfolded: L 103 x H 117 x W 60 cm
* Pushchair unfolded: L 97 x H 114 x W 60 cm
* Pram Carrycot inside dimensions / Weight: 87 x 48 cm / 3.1 kg
* Seat unit inside dimensions / Weight: 94 x 38 cm / 4.6 kg
* Chassis + wheels: 9 kg
* Folded fits into the space: 80 x 60 x 30 cm
* Handle height: 65 – 104 cm

Compatible Car Seats:
* Versatile 3in1 Travel System: Transform any Noordi 2in1 pram into a full 3in1 travel system with the Noordi Universal Car Seat Adaptors and the Noordi Infant Car Seat (available separately).
* Broad Compatibility: Noordi prams are compatible with most branded infant car seats on the market when in connection with the Noordi Universal Car Seat Adaptors , offering you the flexibility to choose the best fit for your family.

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