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Noordi Fjordi Terra 3in1 - Grey

Noordi Fjordi Terra 3in1 - Grey

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Introducing the Noordi Fjordi All-Terrain Pram and Pushchair. Discover the joy of parenting with the Noordi Fjordi, an award-winning pram and pushchair system designed for the modern, adventurous family. From newborns to toddlers, the Noordi Fjordi is your reliable partner in exploring the great outdoors, ensuring your child's comfort and safety in all weather conditions.

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with the Noordi Fjordi. It features the ultra-light ThermoCotTM carrycot for thermal comfort, a manoeuvrable chassis with adjustable rear shock absorption, and 2nd gen Real GelTM wheels for smooth navigation. Practicalities like the integrated mosquito net and large shopping basket add to its appeal, making it an ideal choice for active families. Plus, with the option to convert it into a travel system, including an infant car seat, the Noordi Fjordi adapts seamlessly to your growing family's needs.

Embrace each journey with confidence and style with the Noordi Fjordi, where every detail is crafted for the ultimate adventure in parenting.

Noordi Terra i-Size Car Seat

Experience Exceptional Safety and Comfort from Day One
Designed with your little one in mind, the Noordi Terra i-Size Car Seat offers an unparalleled blend of safety, comfort, and style. From their very first ride, ensure your child’s journey is as secure as it is cozy.

Our i-Size compliance guarantees outstanding side-impact protection and a robust frame for ultimate peace of mind.

Product Highlights:

THERMO-REGULATING ThermoCotTM CARRYCOT: A pioneering ThermoCotTM technology ensures optimal thermal regulation, moisture control, and unparalleled lightness and safety.
ThermoCotTM material stands out by its exceptional strength, elasticity and durability. This material is usually used in production of safety helmets for race drivers and for packaging of heavy household appliances ensuring the items remain protected and intact.

All-Terrain Chassis with Large Basket: Discover the joy of exploration with our Noordi Fjordi Chassis, expertly designed for all terrains. Its robust yet lightweight frame ensures smooth, secure journeys wherever you wander, from bustling city streets to tranquil park paths.

The chassis's large shopping basket is a versatile companion, ready to accommodate everything from baby essentials to shopping treasures, making every outing a delightful adventure. Embrace each journey with confidence and ease, creating unforgettable memories with your little one.

What’s in the box: (Product Page Image 18)

1. Carrycot with integrated mosquito net
2. Pushchair seat unit.
3. Protective Eco Leather bumper bar for the seat unit.
4. Chassis
5. Large shopping basket.
6. Cup holder.
7. Backpack pram bag.
8. Apron cover for pushchair seat unit.
9. Apron cover for carrycot.
10. Mattress.
11. Rain protection.
12. Car Seat adaptors.
13. Noordi Terra iSize Infant Car seat, 0-18 months, includes hood and newborn insert.


Technical Characteristics:

Carrycot Features:

* Innovative ThermoCotTM Technology: Experience the future of baby comfort with our ultralight, wide, and safe ThermoCotTM thermal carrycot. It masterfully regulates the microclimate, ensuring your baby's health and safety are always a priority.
* Peek-a-Boo Wind Protection Apron: Delight in your baby's giggles with our unique apron, designed for cozy shelter and playful peek-a-boo moments.
* Overnight Sleep Safe: Dream peacefully knowing your baby sleeps safely in our carrycot, suitable for overnight use.
* Arcel Technology: The Arcel thermal carrycot features a built-in ventilation system and a reclining backrest, offering a serene environment for your baby.
* Helmet-Safe Materials: With the same materials used in crash helmets, our carrycot ensures the ultimate protection for your little one, all while being impressively lightweight at only 3.85 kg.
* Ultimate Weather Protection: Be ready for any adventure with our water-resistant and UV 50+ sun protection materials.
* Mosquito Net for Serenity: An integrated mosquito net ensures undisturbed sleep and play for your baby.
* Adjustable Sun Canopy & Hood Ventilation: Customize sunlight and airflow with our adjustable sun canopy and hood ventilation, creating a perfect haven for your little one.
* Adjustable Apron Cover: Enjoy the ease of the adjustable apron cover with double zippers for quick and secure adjustments.
* SILVER-IONSTM Technology: Embrace hygiene and health with our inner cotton fabrics infused with SILVER-IONSTM technology, safeguarding your baby against germs.

Pushchair Seat Unit Features:

* Spacious Comfort: A wide and comfy seat unit with an adjustable backrest ensures your baby enjoys every journey in luxury.

Lie-Flat Versatility:

* The adjustable platform for your baby's feet pairs with the seat unit to form a completely lie-flat position, offering a cozy naptime on the go.

Dual-Facing Options:

* Choose between forward or rearward facing positions, adapting to your baby's ever-changing moods and views.

Chassis Features:

* Robust and Adjustable: A durable chassis with an adjustable rear shock absorption system stands up to any adventure.
* Smooth Four-Wheel Ride: Enjoy serene strolls with our four-wheel shock absorption system, ensuring a smooth ride on all surfaces.
* Safe and Easy Folding: Our all-around safe chassis folding system makes transport and storage a breeze. Quick release wheels for more compactness.
* Maintenance-Free REAL-GELTM Wheels: Puncture-proof and filled with a special gel, our 2nd generation REAL-GELTM wheels promise durability without the upkeep.
* One-ClickTM Brake System: Safety is just a click away with our intuitive brake system.
* Adjustable Eco-Leather Handle: Customize the handle height for your comfort, wrapped in
* luxurious eco-leather.
* Lockable Swivel Wheels: Navigate with ease using our lockable front swivel wheels, designed for
* stability and manoeuvrability.
* Large Shopping Basket: Make room for all your essentials with our open shopping basket, perfect
* for both quick errands and long outings.
* Aluminium Chassis: The strength and lightness of our aluminium chassis add to the pram's overall
* durability and ease of use.

Additional Information

Dimensions & Weights:

* Open Dimensions: L 103 x H 120 x W 60 cm (Pram), L 101 x H 114 x W 60 cm (Pushchair)
* Carrycot: 85.5 x 38 cm (Interior), 3.85 kg
* Seat Unit: 94 x 36 cm (Interior), 5 kg
* Chassis + Wheels: 8.55 kg
* Folded Size: 78 x 60 x 33 cm
* Handle height: 72-112 cm

Car Seat Dimensions:

Dimensions: Internal: 61 x 29 cm; External: 44 x 60 x 37-57H cm.
Weight: Just 4.1 kg, combining sturdiness with ease of transport.

Technical Details:


Travel System Compatible: Fits seamlessly with all Noordi prams and pushchairs using the Noordi universal car seat adaptors. Also attaches to various other brands with Universal or Maxi-Cosi fixing points or adaptors.

Vehicle Compatibility: Offers dual installation methods, either through standard seat belts or with the Isofix base for enhanced safety.
The Noordi Terra i-Size Car Seat is the epitome of innovative design and finesse, ensuring your child’s travels are as safe as they are comfortable. With this car seat, every journey becomes a reassuringly secure and cozy experience for your baby.

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